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lovecarnievan's Journal

13 October
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I am a normal American female. I have four children on earth, three in heaven. I am married to my best friend who simultaneously annoys me and puts me in awe. I love coffee, chocolate, pharmaceuticals, movies, Simpsons, REM, the Police, Kids in the Hall (especially Mark McKinney). What's my journal about? Whatever hits me in the head hard enough for me to remember from the time it happens to the time i actually get to a computer to type it out. I'm a soon-to-be nursing student. I firmly believe that as soon as everything, in my life specifically, is perfect, I am going to die in the most tragic way possible. It'll be like the honeymooning couple who went to the Redwoods and were hit by a 2000 year old tree and died. That tree waited 2000 years, and then fell right when their car drove by.

I'll blog till that point.
camping with campfires, dancing off key, driving stick shifts, eating carnival food, falling in love, fluffy girl drinks, four wheeling, giving birth, greasy diner food, hard core exercise, having crushes, late night chats, motorcycling, my friends., river fishing, road trips, roller blading, rudenprying questions, sailing catamarans, school, singing off key, watching meteor showers