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August 13th, 2009

August 9th, 2009

May 30th, 2009

March 30th, 2009

PSA @ 06:28 pm

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Annaliese's art was chosen as a part of the Annual Catholic Schools Art Show for 2009.  If you wish to attend, it will be held at St. Pius X School Gymnasium on 4/24, 4/25, and 4/26 (6-9pm, 9am-7pm, and 9am-4pm respectively). 

Derbiser, did you note the location ;)?  I haven't been back there in years and years and years.

March 17th, 2009

March 16th, 2009

March 14th, 2009

Medical Mystery Child @ 07:27 am

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Annaliese has painful bruised palms on her hands and a hip that hurts too much to move.  She's not walked since the day before yesterday, and spent the whole night on her back.  They wheeled her through the doctor's office yesterday and through the hospital to have an Xray done.

Anyone ever hear of this?

March 4th, 2009

Going On a Trip in Our Little Rocket Ship @ 01:44 pm

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I've been mostly ignoring my upcoming trip to CT so I don't give myself ulcers worrying about all the small details that I can't fix until it's time to go.  So now I'm there... at the point where I need to worry about the details.

I lost my phone, and I NEED a phone while there, so I had to get a new one.  Bad news: we don't qualify for the discounted price (when renewing a contract), so it's mega expensive.  We love our current pricing contract ($15 a month for emergencies, .20 per txt) so I don't want to change carriers.  Good news: I found a "certified" used one, and they are overnight shipping it to me for free.  I just need to program all the stuff in it without the benefit of my old phone.  I know that I will probably find my old phone as soon as the other one gets here.

I'm agonizing over how to lug David around the airport(s) with me and not have too much stuff to carry.  I will have a medium sized rolling suitcase, a carryon bag/diaper bag, and a infant car seat.  I didn't buy David his own seat on the plane, so I have to check the car seat.   No one is picking me up on the other side, I'm renting a car and driving to my brother's place, so pushing a stroller, carrying a diaper bag and a carseat, and pulling a suitcase probably wouldn't work.  I'm thinking that my best chance is to wear David in my Moby wrap and curbside check my suitcase and carseat.  Then all I have to carry is my carry-on.  I was thinking of borrowing Rhonda's awesome stroller/backpack, but I'm afraid that, knowing me, if I add anything else to worry about, my head will explode.  Too much futzing with stuff makes me cranky and loose my shit at inappropriate times.

I still need to pack for both of us.  I want to leave the house clean for Chris, but since he's decided to mostly just take off of work (thanks anyway to Alice and Heidi for offering to babysit Ben... he may take you up on the offer if work explodes without him, but it looks like we mostly won't need you) he can make the house clean for me, right?  Diapers, medications, food, toys, oh my.

I have two giant fears.  What if someone tries to take David?  What if I can't prove he's mine?  And the other one is about getting really really lost.  I asked for a sat nav in the car, but of course they will tell me there's only one availible in a massively upgraded car.  What if it's really snowing badly?  I'll be in unfamiliar territory, lost, in the snow, with a baby. 

Rainbows on the horizon:  I get to see my brother and his new baby, my niece and sister in law.  I will hopefully get to see the ocean (yes!).  It will be a little vacation.  It will be a good exercise in letting go and relaxing for a massve control freak like me. 

February 18th, 2009

January 18th, 2009